Round 2 is over and I’m battered and bruised

It ended with me broken and bloody lying on the floor waiting for the sweet release that can only come from death.

My smoke detector spanked me so hard last night that I’m convinced it read my blog post, was incredibly insulted and felt a decisive and swift victory was it’s only available recourse.


I swear on Grilled Cheesus that I did NOT burn anything. In fact, I had to shut it all down so get the fucker to stop. I was left with half cooked fish, broccoli and barely warm water (I was going to add perogies but I never even got that far).

Rather than describe the latest and epic-est battle with words, I’ve painted you a picture (well, drew it on my ipad with my finger). Enjoy!

photophoto (1)

suck it

photo (1)

bring it on

hammer time

Dead smoke detector

Ok, obviously due to safety and whatnot, I didn’t actually beat it into submission using a hammer. But I wanted to. Ooooooh did I want to.

It’s times like these I wish I had a semblance of drawing talent…

One thought on “Round 2 is over and I’m battered and bruised

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