What the? Oi.


Hmm yes, and perhaps the person who wrote this should get a fucking dictionary. I am saying you’re a moron.

Children of the world! Listen to me! Pay attention in class! If nothing else it allows you to insult people properly. Imagine, if you will, a scenario in which you’re attempting to call someone a moron (not unlike the above ecard) and the next thing you know, they’re laughing at you! How could this be? What devilry is this? Witchcraft? Satanism? Naw, they just know what a frakking contraction is.

Not to mention that random capitalization doesn’t impress anyone. If you would like to emphasize a written word you can bold or underline that word. Italics are also acceptable in some (not all) instances.

To whoever wrote that ecard: You sir, are a boob!

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