Dear Quiznos: Screw You

Almost always, when I order a turkey sandwich from an establishment that claims to sell sandwiches with meat in them, I expect, well… meat!

I ordered a regular sized Classic Club from Quiznos on Tuesday and asked that instead of ham I be given extra turkey. I was told this wasn’t a problem. Next thing I know I’m back at the office biting into a buttload of bread, no meat. Wait, I’m sorry, that’s not entirely accurate. There were three slices of turkey in my sandwich. And no bacon!


What the fuck, Quiznos? Why do you hate me?

I’ve been a very loyal customer! Hell, I used to work for you and this is how you decide to treat me?

I know there are scales at the sandwich making stations that employees are supposed to use to ensure uniformity in sandwiches. I’m sorry, but I did not pay almost ten dollars for some bread and the mere suggestion of turkey! Not to mention the complete absence of my beloved bacon!

How many times has this happened to you, dear friends? You go to take a bite of


Direct from

And you get, essentially:


That’s what I ate. Of course, I went to get lunch so late I was too hungry to take it back – not to mention I was at work and didn’t have enough time left in my lunch break to make the trek again.


love thy bacon

2 thoughts on “Dear Quiznos: Screw You

  1. I would have been *so* upset to find no bacon; more upset than at the lack of turkey. Hell, I get upset when my local diner shorts me half a strip on my breakfast.

  2. That’s no club sandwich! Here in the UK, this king of sandwiches is made with three slices of toast- the first layer being roast chicken and bacon (and sometimes omelette), the second being tomatoe, lettuce and mayo! Crunchy and yum!

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