Pinterest, WTF?

I feel like my Pinterest page doesn’t know me at all. It’s especially hurtful because we’ve spent hours and hours together. I’ve poured my soul out to it, carefully curating funny, shiny, geeky, body mod and foreign (travel) pins and yet, on my homepage, it suggests clothes and baby stuff.


Or, for that matter, anything that’s remotely appropriate for someone under the age of 10.

I know Pinterest is super busy and has a lot of other demanding profiles. It’s not like I thought I was special. I just thought that maybe, just maybe, after all the time we’ve spent together Pinterest would have picked up on some of the things I like.

I’m not that hard to please. No wait! Hear me out!

These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Just about any saying with the word “fuck” in it
  • Cute, happy looking animals
  • Cheesy inspirational quotes in italics or a cursive font
  • Anything to do with travelling
  • Tattoos
  • Cool/weird gadgets

See? It’s not difficult. Nor does it include clothes or children. But that is what is predominantly on my Pinterest homepage. Pinterest, it seems, is convinced I want to look at women in fancy undies and cutesy shit made for babies.

Swing and a miss, Pinterest.

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