Book Review: The Most Special Chosen of All

I volunteered recently to review a book for a new author. I love reading. I always have an opinion. Seemed a logical thing for me to do. So here goes!

The book is called The Most Special Chosen of All by author Rachel Vega.

The good:

It was easily readable. It was not a struggle to read the entire thing – which is saying something coming from me. If I get bored or am uninterested in the topic I typically can’t make myself finish a book.

The bad:

The book lacked conflict. Girl meets/dates kind of odd but way sexy boy. Coolio.

Girl has weird, intuitive voice guiding her. Coolio.

Girl finds out boyfriend is vampire. Coolio.

Girl finds out ancient Goddess is really inner voice. Coolio.

The protagonist takes everything in stride. Just accepts everything at face value. S’all good in the hood.

Where’s the conflict? Show me the conflict!

Where’s the character development? But that goes hand in hand with conflict because, after all, how does a character grow without some sort of conflict to overcome?

And the huh?:

-Why didn’t the author continue the plot around the vampires that were beheaded? That seemed like it could be interesting and the fact that she didn’t continue it or make any other reference to the swift, unyielding justice of Damian’s father seemed a little odd to me.

-Why does Lys start talking like a centuries old vampire? After meeting Damian’s family she almost immediately starts talking like them: same cadence, uber polite, etc. Was this on purpose or was the author not able to keep Lys’s voice separate?

Overall, I enjoyed the ideas and think the potential is there but it needs more work. I’d like to see more conflict. I’d like to see Lys have some psychological stumbling points – granted she wants to be a vampire, but it’s still a (literally) life changing decision that most wouldn’t take too lightly. There has got to be some inner turmoil. Some outer turmoil would be welcome as well.

If you enjoy the paranormal genre then this book is worth a read and I look forward to reading the second book.


For more information on author Rachel Vega, check out her website, here. Or, check out her GoodReads page, here.

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