What’s Your Favorite Planet and Why?

I was recently asked to name my favorite planet and to explain why. Weird question, but I rolled with it.

My favorite planet is Mars.


Because it’s red, which happens to be my favorite color. Or it was when I answered the question. As with many things in my life, my color preference changes on a daily basis. Though it does tend towards warm, bright colors.

Also because it shares a moniker with the god of war. This appeals to the little hate monster living in me. Which, coincidentally, is also red (yes, it’s a bit obvious but I don’t always have control over my imagination. Once a decision has been made I can’t usually change it. In a less obvious turn, the hate monster is furry and looks like he’s all cuddly, until he smiles. He has rows of razor sharp teeth.)

Thirdly, I like Mars because it’s hot there. I am almost always cold and living somewhere blisteringly hot appeals to me.

Finally, for some reason, Mars appeals to the anarchist within me. This may or may not make sense. I just feel like anarchy could reign supreme on Mars. Which may or may not be a good thing. It’s just a feeling I have. Alternatively, I feel that Venus is a peaceful planet and thus associate the color blue with it. Making me feel, overall, that Venus is quite boring.

I may have been too tired to write an intelligent or interesting blog post at the time of composition. But Ima gonna post it anyways. You gotsta take the good with the bad, as well as the crazy, ya?

So, what’s your favorite planet, and why?

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Planet and Why?

  1. Venus, after the goddess of love and beauty. NOT boring! 🙂
    Jupiter, because I like the idea of the Big Red Spot being a gigantic storm that never ends.
    Uranus, because, well, the jokes are easy. Like Uranus!
    and Pluto, the Little Planet That No Longer Could.

    • lol Cupid (or Eros) is where it’s at! He’s got a bow and arrow, clearly he means business 😉 Alas, he does not have a planet.

      *giggles* Uranus…

  2. Your furry hate monster! It sounds so perfect! I’m in the midst of knitting a monster that sounds curiously like that… (I’m the best spinster! Knitting, yay!)

    I really like earth, though you make a really good point that mars wins at being awesomely red. Now I’m not so sure… I hate to break it to you, though. Mars is cold. Not the coldest, but since it is farther from the sun, it’s pretty gnarly out there. So sad. Womp wooomp. 😦

    • OMG you can knit monsters?! I might have to get into this… I think I make a bad spinster – no cats, no knitting. I barely bake. What else is there?

      Damn red fooled me again. I feel that anything red should be hot (I should mention that this philosophy has kept me safe while cooking for many years! lol)

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