My Eyes Are Enraged

Ok, well they’re inflamed, but that’s like the same thing, right?


Inflamed Eyes

Horrifying, isn’t it? That’s what I thought.

PS. I don’t have curly hair. I’m not sure why I drew it like that. Nor am I an Orthodox Jew… That’s not racist, is it?

Also, I do have teeth.

7 thoughts on “My Eyes Are Enraged

    • I don’t know if it’s so much that evil me likes to kick puppies, just that’s going to happen. That in mind, I’m not sure a second kick at the puppy would appease her. Perhaps you could sacrifice a virgin?

  1. I’ve moved past being enraged by everything PETA does and gone on to the roll-my-eyes-and-move-on stage.

    They’re like an bratty child that’s just acting up to get attention. I keep hoping that if I ignore them, they’ll eventually give up and go away…

  2. (also, I get the feeling that comment will make no sense to those who don’t follow you on Facebook, seeing as you seem to have not actually mentioned them here ¬¬)

    • hahaha Yaaa, I had originally intended to keep this blog separate from the horse one, but I wanted more readers… hehehe

      To contextualize: PETA is trying to get yet another horse sport banned.

      To respond: They truly are ridiculous. They’ve made themselves into a laughable organization. I mean, you can’t even say they mean well anymore – considering the fact that they euthanize more domesticated animals per year than any other organization I’ve heard of. I did a post on the stats of the number of dogs and cats they euthanized per year and they’re horrifying. Here’s hoping they never attempt to open up a horse rescue. Those poor horses wouldn’t stand a chance!

      • They’re too extreme for their own good, and don’t think about the way an average person is going to respond to their campaigns. If they were doing something like lobbying to make eventing safer? Hell yes, I’d be behind them 100%. If they were trying to ban something like, say, horse tripping, where the risk of injury/death is high and there is no way to reduce it? Yeah, I’d be behind that too. But to try and outright ban a sport that COULD be made safer with a few rule/obstacle adjustments… ridiculous.

  3. You know they want us all to go back to wearing fake furs and living in harmony with plants and such.. at least I think so… the bigger question is… do you think they will ever realize that plants can feel too…. I think PETA really stands for “People for the Eating of Tasty Animals”… I know.. I am going to some hell for that in some peoples minds.. now excuse me I need to go buy hay for my useless four legged grass eaters, take my two canines with me and deliver the EVIL machine that will hatch some eggs into baby chicks to a friend/// LOL

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