On Being a Contrary Wench

Do you ever like something because no one else does? Or because, for whatever reason, everyone else expects you not to? On that note, ever hate something because everyone else likes it?


Honestly, it’s the reason I wear pink. No one expects me to like the color, in fact, most are shocked that I like it as much as I do (and wear it as much as I do). There’s just something about being a raging bitch that wears the hottest of pinks, as opposed to the more apropos soul-matching (and deadening) black, that tickles my fancy.

It’s also why I’ve never seen the Matrix movies and why I just read the Harry Potter books. (It’s not, however, the reason I didn’t love the Harry Potter novels. That’s entirely different and another topic for another time.)

Everyone lervs Ryan Gosling. Not that I blame them, he really is too really really ridiculously good-looking to be true.  Emma Stone’s character in Crazy Stupid Love had it right when she accused him of photoshopping. And because of this yours truly is precluded from loving Ryan Gosling. I’m sorry Ryan, I just don’t feel any urge to squee! at the very sight of you (again, not that I don’t enjoy looking) nor do I want to have your legitimately illegitimate babies (and not just because I hate kids).

Does this make a monster? Perhaps.

Am I insane? Almost certainly.

Do I want a toilet made of solid gold? No.

People of the world! I need you to stop loving Ryan Gosling so instead I can love him. Otherwise I’m going to be stuck swooning over… crap, I don’t know. Who’s someone universally hated? Quick, someone give me a name!

Ahh screw it. Team Robert Downey Jr.! Squeeee!


5 thoughts on “On Being a Contrary Wench

  1. Honestly until entertainment tonight did some sort of movie preview I thought he was the former husband of Kate Gosselin of kate plus 8. I still get the two mixed up. I don’t think I have ever watched a single movie of his and don’t care if i ever do…
    So good for you for not knowing who he is.. I do think though he slightly better looking than Jon Gosselin. And probably more able to pay child support than Jon….

  2. Oh no, as far as acting goes I think Ryan Gosling is very talented – I quite enjoy his movies. I just need millions of other people to stop loving him so that my contrary nature will allow me to. It’s my freakin turn already dammit! lol

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