The Weather’s Out to Get Me (or Ominous Cloud of Death)

If only it was out getting me a birthday present. If only.

Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain it’s trying to warn us all of impending doom. That, to me, is what this cloud signifies.

black cloud

It just looks malevolent in nature. Like it has some ulterior, world destroying, motive up its metaphorical sleeve and we should all cower from it.

This may all be my fault. You see, yesterday I ate Alphaghetti.

While wearing a white sweater.

And I did not spill.

Which, if you’ve studied the signs, you’ll recognize that for the sign of the apocalypse that it is.

I firmly believe the apocalypse was always headed our way; however, if I played a role in speeding it up then I feel a little bad and I would like to offer my mostly sincere apology.

If this isn’t yet the apocalypse, then that is one angry mofo of a cloud! But at least it gives me an excellent excuse to blow off the gym and hide under my blanket fort with my Starbucks drink. Other acceptable excuses include:

  • Smurf attack
  • People have annoyed me
  • My friend veto’d me paying $50 for sweatpants that said “Cranky Pants” down the leg – in hot pink, no less
  • I spent money at Starbucks when I should have made coffee at home and saved the money
  • I had coffee at home and it wasn’t as satisfying as Starbucks
  • Because I feel like it

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