The New Superman Movie as a Communist Allegory

I should start this off by saying I hated the movie. It was horribly boring, there was no chemistry between Amy Adams and Henry Cavill, it was mind-numbingly boring, Cavill wasn’t shirtless nearly enough, oh and it was boring.

Did anyone else notice the thinly veiled political agenda of the film?

Down with Communism!

Again? Seriously? Gosh, I feel like this has been done already.

Was Communism trying to make a comeback and someone in Hollywood felt the need to bash it back down before it really got a toehold? -if that’s the case I think we really need to examine our choice of weapons – a movie? Really? Actually, let me be clearer since we all know the value of propaganda. This movie? Really?

We have the Kryptonians playing the role of the Commies, and Superman and everyone else playing the role of Democratic/Capitalistic society. Think I’m crazy? Ok, yes, probably, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Did y’all not notice the fact that Kryptonians were born into a role? Be it a soldier, scientist, pole dancer, etc. Definitely not the be all, end all of Communist traits, but it is one of the most easily recognizable.

Theme of the movie: Supporting Communism is a vote for evil-doer, megalomaniac extraordinaire: General Zod. And no one wants that a-hole in power, amiright?

Keep in mind kiddies, this isn’t over. Sure, General Zod was destroyed but the Codex is within Superman himself and can be accessed at any time. Thus reminding us that the threat of Communism is always just around the corner and we must be ever vigilant. Otherwise we open ourselves to the possibility of more people like George W. running a “superpower” of a country (that incident in and of itself is probably the best argument of all time against Communism).

So, does this mean that the metaphor within the allegory is that it takes a Commie to beat a Commie? I.E. They (“they” clearly being Hollywood seeing as they’re the ones really in power) have a mole within this new Communist regime that they’re going to use to bring about it’s demise?

Plus, and this is the real kicker, Superman’s cape is red. Much like a fungus, we’ll never truly be rid of Communism.

Fingers crossed Superman never goes to the dark side and unleashes the Communism within.


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