Mis-casting Movies

I get disproportionately angry when I feel movies have mis-cast the characters of the books they’re based off. Ie, when the actor portraying the character does not jive with the image I had in my head from reading the book.

Example 1: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bone, Jace played by Jamie Campbell Bower

Wrong-o. Sorry kid, but you don’t mesh with what I had in mind for the demi-god that is supposed to be Jace Wayland. My mental picture of Jace includes a tall, well-built gentleman with an air of disdain. Which is why my first choice would have been Chris Zylka, formerly of the TV show The Secret Circle. He would have been perfect. Hmmm….

Or, as another option, Alex Pettyfer. Mr. Pettyfer has been featured in such cinematic excrement as Magic Mike, Beastly and I Am Number Four – sorry, I was very disappointed in all three of those movies. Not with Alex (we’re on a first name basis now) or his performance, but with the story lines and just yuck.

Those two actors, in my opinion, have proven that they can exude the very essence of arrogance and yet keep people coming back for more (costars and obsessed fans alike)

Example 2: Hunger Games, Peeta played by Josh Hutcherson

Not going to lie, the first time I watched the Hunger Games I HATED it. With a fiery passion born of the fires of hell, or at the very least, Mordor. I despised its very existence as well as the fact that it had robbed me of two hours of my life. However, I liked it significantly more after reading the book and now actually can’t wait for the second installment to come out (although I do fear what they’re going to do to the character of Finnick Odair). I think that tells us that something was lost in the translation from page to screen.

One of those things that was lost in translation was Peeta.

Peeta, the son of a baker was supposed to be physically strong and imposing, yet kind; Katniss’s rock and charming gentleman caller (admittedly Josh didn’t do too bad there). Now, I’m not saying that someone like the Rock should have played Peeta, but maybe more of a Channing Tatum type? Someone who was just a bit more physically imposing. Josh just doesn’t have that presence, charisma if you will. Originally having viewed the movie without the benefit of having read the book, I thought Peeta was supposed to be a mousy, insecure follower which isn’t at all how he came across in the book. In the book, Peeta has a higher social standing than Katniss which makes her naturally distrustful of him (I didn’t get a feeling of that dynamic from the movie at all), he’s quiet but watchfully so – he’s taking in his surroundings, watching and studying them – again, didn’t get this from the movie.

Perhaps some blame should be attributed to the director of this film rather than the person responsible for casting… I’ll cogitate upon it and get back to you.

It’ll be interesting to see how he does in the rest of the series though!

Example 3: Kristen Stewart in the Twilight series


‘Nuff said.

Do you have a book to movie adaptation pet peeve?

5 thoughts on “Mis-casting Movies

  1. Hey. Drifted over here from Snarky Rider and had to comment because I’m actually a teensy bit of a fan-girl for Hunger Games. Enough that I skulked about reading a lot of of gossip on the casting possibilities. There I learned that the big challenge in casting that movie was with casting actors age-appropriate to the characters, particularly for the young male characters (there was, apparently, a much larger pool of awesome young women for Katniss than young men for Peeta and Gale). Peeta is only supposed to be 16. A big, strong-for-his-age 16, but still, 16. That’s an awful lot easier to write about a big, solid 16-year-old than it is to cast in the flesh, since boys are usually gangly and awkward at that age. I think any actor with the kind of physical solidness you were hoping for would be too old for the character, especially by the time they finish filming 3-4 movies.

    But anyway… my casting pet peeve is from Game of Thrones… which for the most part has fantastic casting. Even where the TV characters aren’t quite square with the book characters, there is a reason (usually needing to change the age to not have minors in graphic scenes) and in some cases the TV characters are an improvement. But I am not happy with Ciaran Hinds as Mance Raydar. I *love* Ciaran Hinds, but Mance Raydar is supposedly be very ordinary looking, the sort of person who blends in and isn’t easily remembered. He is not a man who looks like a king or a leader. Ciaran Hinds, however, is tall and strong, imposing and distinguished, and since most people remember him from being Julius Caeser in Rome, you see him and think of a strong leader. I can’t buy Ciaran Hinds as a man who blends in and isn’t remembered. It would have taken a great actor to be ordinary looking but yet show the strength and leadership of the character but there must have been someone else out there up for the role.

    • I never got into Game of Thrones. I think this partially goes back to me being a contrary wench – everyone loves it and therefore I hesitate to jump on the bandwagon. I may try again several years after it’s out of the public eye. Although, I still have yet to watch the Matrix…

  2. I have two pet peeves about the casting in the TV mini-series “The Stand.” Like you, I have specific ideas of how a book character should look and be portrayed. And since I’ve loved the novel since it came out in ’78, some of the miscasting really made me cringe.

    Franny Goldsmith was written as a strong character, a little stubborn, her father’s daughter type. She was portrayed by Molly Ringwald as a whiny brat that needed a big, strong man to care for her. Blech.

    Nadine Cross – Well, it wasn’t anything specific I could put my finger on, but I hated Laura San Giacomo in this role even though I love her in many other parts. Maybe if they could have given her a decent wig to wear . . .

  3. The movie Reacher with Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher is a no nonsense, imposing MP. So just no.

    PS – came by way of Snarky, reading through.

    • Omg Reacher was horrible! Lol I can’t imagine what Tom was thinking when he cast himself. What an ego!!

      Thanks for coming over!! 😀

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