The Wonderful Thing About Bangs

…Is that bangs are a wonderful thing!

Actually, it’s simply that they provide camouflage for my Amazonian eyebrows. Them bitches be loco. I serious think my eyebrows think I’m Greek or something – they keep trying to go all unibrow on me. And, me being a lazy bugger, am disinclined to get them waxed on the monthly basis that they keep trying to convince me they require.

Enter: My bangs.

I got bangs a couple years ago and I’ve never looked back. Mostly because they partially obscure my vision and I wouldn’t see much anyways. But mostly because my bangs are my allies in the war against my bushman eyebrows.

To a certain extent.  There comes a point when even my long, luxuriant bangs can’t cover up the raging storm of dark, Viking-esque eyebrows slowly conquering the plains of my face.

Honestly, I was going to include a pic of crazy eyebrows here, but, umm, they were really, really creepy and I just couldn’t look at them anymore!


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