Review: Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Ill Wind by Rachel Caine, book one of the Weather Warden series

I’ve actually read the first three books of the series now and am still not sure if I’m a fan of the series or not. The ideas and plot are interesting and enough to keep me reading. I don’t mind Joanne as a protagonist. David is *hawt*. Jonathan is intriguing (although, he’s not in this book). And Lewis I can’t yet figure out.

I do enjoy Joanne’s kick ass attitude. She’s not a complete idiot about it, rushing head first into battle – she does tend to have a plan B and excellent survival skills. All things you want in a heroine with a rebellious streak. However, she definitely has a martyr complex. Which, I suppose, goes well with David’s. That man cannot plan for shit. He rushes in to save Joanne even when he can’t win and knows it’s a trap (again, I may be getting ahead of myself in the series). Of course, their chemistry (so far) makes up for any annoyance I’ve felt thus far about David’s inability to use his big brain. Although, his unwillingness to consult Joanne and treat her like the romantic partner she is, is quickly getting on my nerves.

I enjoyed the plot of this book. It moved along at a good pace. I like the concept of the Djinn and their enslavement to the Wardens. From the beginning though the Wardens have rubbed me the wrong way. From their name to their ‘our way or the highway’ attitude to their blatant enslavement of an entire race made me wonder when the author was going to address the issue of corruption among them. Spoiler alert: it’s touched on in book 3 and I’m hoping dealt with in book 4.

Like I said, I enjoyed the book, but I, unfortunately, didn’t feel the page turning compulsion I do when a book really hooks me.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

  1. I think its a good thing I have not read those books… I would chuck it against a wall.. I read the 1st Hunger games book, and then was told about the other two, and now refuse to read them… WHY is it every Heroine ends up pregnant and having kids by the end of the series.. and the whole reason for Katniss to go into the hunger games is to save her sister, who ends up dying in the end anyway….
    That is like Bella her obession with necrophilia OR bestiality.. ands up with the dead dude… becomes a dead dudette and has a deadish baby who grows at such an alarming rate that she makes Paul Maud -Dib Adreide’s (Dune) little sister Allia seem normal by comparison.
    yeah…. I will go read my situational horror books and crime fiction as well as sci fi/fantasy…

  2. I actually really enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy! And dystopian books really aren’t my thing. I tend to refuse to read them because, well, I don’t give a shit. but after seeing the first Hunger Games movie (and HATING it) I had to read the books. And went through them in a weekend. I could not put them down! There were things I didn’t like about the writing and some concepts but none of it was enough to detract from the overall impression of the books. I’ve actually been thinking of reading them again soon. Also on my to re-read list: Phillip Pulman’s Golden Compass trilogy. Have you read it?

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