Review: Anna in the Middle

Anna in the MiddleAnna in the Middle by Barbara Elsborg

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the book – the three main characters were lovely and had distinct, separate voices that worked well together (and they certainly were fun 😉 ). However, I think there were too many characters and not enough character/plot development between them all. The whole stalker thing was underdone and felt undeveloped. Not to mention the fact that her family more readily believed some stranger than their own daughter/sister? That for me didn’t ring true. Certainly a situation like that might be possible but that’s a long term psychological mind-fuck, not a few months and bam he’s undermined decades of trust and family life together. Not to mention the fact that the book really didn’t focus on that. I understand why, that’s not really what the book was about, it was more a catalyst for bringing Anna, Will and Jax together; however, the fact remains there was a stalker and, for me, not delving into that aspect and properly developing it felt lazy and unfinished.

The book feels more like the middle – the beginning would have been the bulk of the stalker issue, the escalating tension, the ripping apart of family ties and then the utter desperation of Anna trying to escape him by climbing the fence and then meeting Jax.

The book (the middle, in my mind) was getting together with Jax and Will and dealing with the stalker issue.

The end, if I had my way, would be the resolution of the stalker issue then Jax, Will and Anna together and how they got on with their lives as a threesome. Anna rebuilding ties with her family and the threesome dealing with the judgement of family and society, working through them and ultimately having some sort of commitment ceremony.

See? They all lived happily ever after 😉

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