Did Feminism Even Happen?

I have read so many novels recently that feature a woman being stalked (or having their life threatened in some way) as a way of pushing the main character into the big, strong arms of a new man. Is this some deep seated female fantasy I’m unfamiliar with? Does every woman secretly want their life to be threatened so they can run to the rippling biceps of a man, all but breathily moaning “save me, big strong man, save me”.

I get the psychology behind the damsel-in-distress character. It allows for more tension to build and amps up the emotional ties between the main character and her dashing love interest. But honestly, it just feels lazy and way overdone. Not to mention just a wee bit insulting since apparently these authors think that all women are just helpless little waifs waiting to be lead around by an assertive caveman.

We need new ideas! Creativity! Isn’t that what writing is all about?

The kicker, of course, is that 99% of the authors of these books are WOMEN! WTF? Do they think so little of their own gender? -I suppose though, that if sales are any indication then they know a helluva lot more about what women crave than I do. This woman, however, desires independence and values self-sufficiency.

What is wrong with a competent, self-defense trained woman falling in love? Or at least enough lust to knock a few socks off?

That’s it, Tara, you’re getting your wish! I’m going to write a romance novel, Megan style. Be warned, the main character is going to be a bad ass female, probably on a motorcycle, and she’s going to rescue the dude. Fuck stereotypes and the weeping female they rode in on. I want a heroine that kicks in the teeth of any would be stalker herself. I swear, in these books it’s like feminism never happened!

7 thoughts on “Did Feminism Even Happen?

  1. I shudder with fear everytime some girl says “no” in a book and then the man kisses/gropes/has sex with her anyways and afterwards she’s all happy and glad that he knew “no” meant “okay”. WTF. I call rape.

    • That whole ‘your words say no but your body says yes’ mentality is fucking ridiculous. If you have to coerce and cajole a chick into doing it then you’re doing something wrong! Grrrrr

  2. Does that really happen in romance novels Meghan? That is vile.

    On the “damsel in distress” mentality, I don’t understand it. I find it really hard to read romance because I generally find the women weak and unthinkably feeble. I’d be more likely to thump (well threaten, I’m not actually an aggressive psychopath) the “big strong man with his outstretched arms” for being condescending and getting his macho self in my way!

    • Not that I’m an expert on the subject, but of the limited number I’ve read, 99.9% of em do that! Apparently all a woman really wants is a caveman to hit her over the head and drag her back to his cave.

    • Hi Phil! It’s not just romance novels. I was reading your run-of-the-mill fiction and it happens. A lot. I bet, if you read a novel with sex in it you will find this happening 1 out of 3 times.

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