Horse People Suck at Properly Gossiping

You know what I love about horse people? They will talk about anyone, anything, anywhere, any-freaking-time. It doesn’t matter if the subject of their griping is nearby. They don’t give a good gosh darn if they’re being painfully obvious that they’re talking about you or someone you know.

They’re perfectly happy to stand around gabbing at an annoying volume, interrupting your work one minute and the next whispering just loud enough that you know they’re still talking but quiet enough that you have no idea what about. You know how you know that the target of their ill-will is near? All of a sudden their vociferous bitching quiets down. No need for privacy. Nope, don’t move away or, heaven forbid, wait until later. They have to discuss this and they have to discuss it now dammit! This shit is important!

Fuck it’s like high school all over again. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience. Oh, I’m sure plenty of people have talked about me behind my back, to my side, hell, right in front of me even – but I’m way too oblivious to notice any of that. If you have something to say I suggest you say it to my face otherwise it’s a fairly safe bet that I was off in my own little world and likely didn’t even know you were within a fifty foot radius.

Regrettably, in the horse world, these gossipers aren’t little teenage bitches who don’t know any better – I’m actually referring to women in their fifties (possibly forties but the sun can be an unkind mistress and leathery skin prematurely ages a person). One would hope by that age people would confront the subjects of their bitter diatribes and resolve any issues like mature adults. That’s almost never the case in the horse world.

9 thoughts on “Horse People Suck at Properly Gossiping

  1. Ah the infamous livery yard (barn?!) bitches! It’s like the special skill of those middle aged women who congregate in the tack room and discuss everyone else’s riding and horse care, despite never seeming to do anything themselves! Best thing I ever did was move my lot to a private rent!

  2. I know exactly what you’re talking about. The monday gathering of people at the far end of the barn to gossip. I’d like to be able to get to my horses stall without interrupting the “super secretness” of these conversations.

  3. I was the subject of that many times, especially when my mare was in her wild animal phase. Now that I proved them all wrong, they’ve shut up. 😉

    • You’re lucky! I’ve been to too many barns over the years, although I do love the one I’m currently at! 🙂

      • There’s not that many barns near me and since i don’t have a car (because i spend all my money on horses!), it’s really the ideal place for me. The fact that we don’t have any old hags is a bonus.

  4. Tell me about it. I had the nerve to keep a barn owner informed on the complaints at the barn and she told everyone I was spreading gossip. I thought I was helping by giving her a heads up on the negativity going around but no I am the suspect. I hate having to board…Flustered

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