Review: Masquerade

Masquerade (Heven and Hell, #1)Masquerade by Cambria Hebert

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Let me preface this review by saying that I have a natural abhorrence for organized religion and I did not go into this book expecting angels and the devil. That said, I enjoyed the idea of Sam being a hellhound and enjoyed the mythology the author created around that (although it was a bit convenient – the mindbond thing? Really?)

The Good: I liked Sam – really liked that even though he was sweet (sickeningly so at times) he was violent enough to do what needed to be done. The dynamic between Kimber and Heven worked for me. There were even times I wondered if Kimber wasn’t the hellhound trying to kill Heven.

The Bad: China trying to kill Heven didn’t really work for me. Her motivation and resulting obsession didn’t ring true. Why would she have gone to so much trouble just because Sam loved someone else? China acted more like a jealous/possessive ex – her reactions would have made more sense had she been.

The religious overtones! Uggg Not a fan. I can get past it if the story line is good but what really drove me crazy? The angels attitudes, mannerisms and the whole ‘do this but you don’t yet need to know why’ outlook. Clearly I’m not down with blind obedience and don’t understand how two teenagers (which, given the nature of most teenagers you’d expect more rebellion from, particularly from Sam who was kicked out of his family home two years ago. You’d think he’d have a bit of an issue with authority.) would just go along with everything without more questions or objections.

The character of Heven – I understood her being meek and shy after her accident and ashamed of the resulting scars, but towards the end of the book when she’s starting to feel comfortable in her own skin again (and then the scars go away anyways – I think the author should have kept them) she’s still meek. I found very little compelling about the protagonist and as such will not be continuing with any of the books in the series.

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