Alcohol + Karaoke = Fuck Ya I’m Awesome

Ok, not really…

So, my bestest good buddy and I have taken to Wednesday night karaoke. While she can do it sober and with head held high, I require some liquid courage. More than some. OK, a lot.

Last Wednesday night, after the better half of a pitcher of beer, we willingly elected to sing Total Eclipse of the Heart.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done that.

The saving grace? The fact that it’s an out of the way bar whose main clientele are closer to retirement age than not. I’m ok with embarrassing myself in front of non-eligible bachelors – who cares, right? As awesome as I thought I sounded last night (ok, even inebriated I knew it wasn’t my shining moment), I doubt very highly that I sounded anything like this:

hehehe melodramatic music videos make me giggle.

And OMG what is with the swim team and then the dancing ninjas? And that creepy-ass choir?! WTFuzzy Bunny? (it’s times like these I miss Loaf!)

Oooh the 80’s…

I also wanted to title this post “Total Eclipse of the Brain”.

Just found this! haha

One thought on “Alcohol + Karaoke = Fuck Ya I’m Awesome

  1. UMMM, Isn’t she a little old to be broken-hearted about high school sports teams? I love the leather-clad men stomping up the stairs, though. And is it just me, or were the 80s a little foggier and windier? Dammit, climate change!

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