Revelations 1:1

1. Yes, I was going for the obvious religious metaphor with the title of this post

2. I’m not sure 1:1 is the correct ratio. I’l see if I can work that out by the end of this post.

3. It’s late, I just worked 15 hours, and I’m probably stupid with exhaustion so please excuse any and all idiocy (or at least it was when I started writing this post two days ago).

I think I’m starting to understand why people like me. Or at least some do. A friend recently balked at the fact that I’ve made a few new friends recently.  Sure, some people, lesser people, might be insulted by the insinuation that I am not friend-worthy. However, she’s not exactly wrong. I’m fairly anti-social, an introvert and well gosh I’ll just come out and say it: I don’t like most people. To add insult to injury, I usually insult the injured – especially if I’m the one who injured them. So, to be fair, she really did have a point. And, to be completely honest, it baffled the fuck out of me too.

What I’m realizing (or, in keeping with the title of the post, is being revealed to me) is that people like my blatant bitchiness. I’m told I can be blunt and if you ask my opinion I tend to feel compelled to issue a verbal warning before giving it. I’m starting to think that people like that I say the horrible things they’re thinking but are way too nice to say themselves. Granted, most of the things I say aren’t actually horrible, particularly when compared to genocide. However, they tend to be considered to be outside the realm of “socially acceptable”.

Suddenly I’ve lost where I was going with this post. The theme is obvious – I’m a bitch and (some) people like it because I say what they won’t. But I feel like there’s no conclusion to this post… Nope, not sure how to end it.

How bout with a flourish?

jazz hands

The end!


7 thoughts on “Revelations 1:1

    • Oh jeebus. My mother is proud that I’m not socially acceptable. Weren’t you supposed to teach me to ‘fit in’ and all that bullshit? 😛

  1. If it’s any consolation, you aren’t alone. I have a similar outlook on people – I’m an unsociable, cantankero-path who generally dislikes folk – but I generally accumulate friends for the same counter-intuitive reason: everyone likes a bitch.

    • They really, really do like a bitch, don’t they? Totally baffling. But I guess that’s good news for me!

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