My Co-Workers Think I’m 18

I’M 28!!!!!!

I know what you’re going to say; “But Megan, being mistaken for significantly younger is a GOOD thing. Just think! When you’re 35 people will think you’re 25! You’ll be able to believably lie about your age!”

And in theory I agree with those sentiments. That’ll be awesome in a few years. My beef, today, is that I had been working with this person for several hours and then they guessed my age. THIS WASN’T BASED SOLELY ON LOOKS! Just because a person believes “That’s what he said” is a legitimately funny joke doesn’t mean they’re “immature”. (Although, in this case it does.) This was absolutely a comment on my maturity, or lack thereof. I should be offended, right?

Naaaaaah. That’s way too much effort.

I have the emotional maturity of an emotionally stunted five year old and I’m damned proud of it. Kind of. Maybe. A little?

You know what else is funny? Mantitties.

2 thoughts on “My Co-Workers Think I’m 18

  1. Actually I had that problem for a lot of my life, and it WAS a problem when I realized no matter how I behaved or how intelligent what I had to say was, co-workers did not treat me as an equal. I am also very short, and felt in many situations I was not being taken seriously. So I left the corporate world, ain’t nobody got time for that :- p I’m 47 now, get guessed for 40…so that I can handle.

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