It May Be Time To Reevaluate Your Life Decisions When…

Let me preface this post by saying that I may not have legitimately partied in quite some time but even when I did, I never lost an article of clothing (I may have misplaced one or two but rest assured they were found fairly quickly once I started looking).

The last time I opened at Starbucks on the weekend we had a bit of entertainment. It was around 8am and things were fairly quiet when who should walk in but a shirtless young man! Wait, I’m sorry, that’s incorrect. He wasn’t quite shirtless, he was wearing a pair of jeans as arm warmers.

He stumbles his way up to the register and asks for a cup of coffee. I was lucky enough to be on till so I requested the $2 for the coffee but, low and behold, the gentleman had no money to speak of! He did, however, offer to pay with some cheap necklace he pulled from his pocket. SCORE!

The barter system is NOT alive and well in Canada.

I gave him water.

When your inability to handle liquor means you can’t even get a cup of hangover coffee, it may be time to reevaluate your life decisions. Just some food for thought. I also accept necklaces.

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