Nursing 101

What you really need to know but the schools won’t teach you.

  • Nurses are inherently “hotties”

  • You have your own cool serial killer name: Angel of Death
  • You’ll never want for another Halloween costume (actually I’m not sure that’s a good thing… given the available options)
  • The opportunity to nurse many a strapping young lad back to health (conveniently affording him the opportunity to fall in lerv with you) For example:


Not exactly what you were hoping for?

Home Health Care

Well you should have thought about that before you went into the health care field because, as Scrubs taught us, 99% of the job is keeping gomers alive.


dr cox

But, then again, Scrubs also introduced us to this guy, so there’s hope yet!


  • And last, but not least, there’ll be a helluva lot of this:

mocking an innocent patient

Glad I could help.

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