My Gum Made Me Do It

I just opened a new package of gum and it told me to go see The Wolverine.

How did it know I wanted to see that movie? It must be psychic! Or I guess it could just intuitively know that I’m a sucker for shirtless Hugh Jackman  crying to the heavens in a fit of quasi-uber-manly ragestration (rage + frustration) whenever he feels something akin to an emotion.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:



Back to the point.

When did movies start advertising in gum packages? And why does it seem so wrong? I feel like the sanctity of my hermetically sealed gum has been violated. What’s next? Flyers in my Mr. Noodles? Open a package and out pops the flavoring and a little card espousing the many comedic virtues of Rebel Wilson’s next cinematic endeavor?

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