Demographics and Whatnot

Normally a business and/or marketing term, demographics can also be used to describe a persons key dating pool (well, it can now because that’s what this post is using it for!). For instance, mine would be males between the ages of 24-38 preferably over 6ft in a decent job making upwards of $50,000 per year (the number isn’t as important as the ambition and aspirations behind it). Everyone has an idea of what the key demographics of their dating pool are – whether they choose to define it as I just have or not.

I’ve taken this opportunity to discuss what my target demographics are to illustrate just how far off my goal I currently seem to be!

So, last week a wonderful gentleman stopped me to tell me I looked pretty that day.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!! I love it when people tell me I’m pretty. It’s, um, a rare occurrence. Not that I think I’m hideous I just really don’t put much effort into my appearance (thinking that things like intelligence, wit and sense of humor are far more important). Needless to say that made my day. There was just one teeny tiny thing that cast a slight shadow over this otherwise momentous occasion. The man is gay. NOT my target demographic.

Next (yes, that’s right, I was having a really ‘on’ week and got told I was pretty not once, but TWICE!) I was in the line at the Starbucks by my place and in line behind a mother and her young daughter. The daughter was about eight years old and staring at me. I’m not really good with kids so I tried to ignore her at first but she just kept staring so eventually I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and then tugged at her mother’s sleeve saying, “Mommy, that girl is really pretty. Look mommy!” Boy were my cheeks red.

It was like the sweetest thing in the world but umm, eight year old girls really aren’t my demographic either. If possible even less so than gay men.

My question is, what does this say about me – or rather, my appearance? I’m aesthetically pleasing to little girls? That’s just so not what I was going for!


6 thoughts on “Demographics and Whatnot

    • HAHAHAHA I was thinking I should probably shift the age demographics lower to accommodate my supreme lack of emotional maturity. But then I remembered I’m talking about dudes here so maybe I should adjust it to like 20-99? So there ya go, back in the running 😉 I may end up targeting old dudes. I mean, if they’re rich, old and dying I’m sure I can manage to Anna Nicole Smith it up for a year, right?

  1. I am only attractive to elderly men and middle aged women. They’re always (well “occasionally” would be more accurate, but still one hundred percent more so than anyone else!) stopping to say I’m beautiful or hit on me in pubs…

    God damn it, is it too fussy to want someone young enough not to be my great grandfather, and to be of my desired sex?! I feel your pain!

    • hahahhaa I have yet to be hit on by a woman. At least that I’m aware of. Although, there was this one time in a college class… hmmm

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