This is how I get my relax on

Gummy bear army

Why yes, those are gummy bears armed with fake plastic swords using the natural outcropping of apple mountains as a stage for their epic battle trying to steal the other side’s precious cookie dough reserves. You can see the battle is just beginning as there have only been a few casualties thus far, the battlefield not yet littered with the bodies of the fallen (and, um, we hadn’t eaten them all yet).

I won’t scare you with photos of the carnage that ensued. Suffice it to say the gummy bears were robbed of their beloved cookie dough before their numbers were decimated. The apple outcroppings were eroded by the hunger of the gods, however, they came out relatively unscathed compared to the massacre wrought upon the local gummy bear populace. The wanton destruction and carnage of this once beautifully appetizing landscape is nothing short of tragic (and yummy).

The horror.

4 thoughts on “This is how I get my relax on

    • hehehe it was sooooo goooooood 😉 But you know what I’ve been craving? That awesome chocolate cake/icing thing we made that one time. SO FREAKING GOOD! It haunts my dreams.

  1. LOLOLOL Snort Giggle GUFFAW!!

    Thank you for a belly laugh that has improve and completely made my entire day. 🙂 May you never lose your sense of humor. 😀

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