I’ve Got a Pimp!

That’s right, the Seattle Spinster is pimping me out to dudes across the freakin country! -actually, across her freakin country LOL

Ok, let me explain before your brain is filled with images of


Oops, too late! 😉

The Seattle Spinster and I bonded about two months ago over our mutual desire to catalog our horrendous attempts at dating in the very private, socially acceptable medium of blogging. We each think the other is hilarious and have similar dating issues and have been chatting ever since! Over the past two months we’ve gotten to know each other past the initial “hey, your blog’s awesome, let’s be friends!”, as people are wont to do, and she has decided I might be a good match for one of her bros (as in male friend, not brother – which, if you read her last post, she is an avid bromancer, brodeo-er and she bro-downs with the best of ’em).

Clearly thus far I’ve had ZERO luck (Zip. Nada. Big fat bagel.) with internating (if I haven’t mentioned that before, internet + dating = internating. It’s a thing. Pass it on. Use it. You’re welcome.) so I’m totally on board with being pimped out. Even if it’s across a country that isn’t the country in which I live.

My only concern, though, is my lack of concern. I’m all “Sure! Set it up! Tell him to fly across the country and visit you when I’ll be there!” Did I ask what he’s like? Nope. Did I ask if he’s a serial killer? Nope.

cereal killer(hehehe)

All I know is that he’s “awesome” and apparently that is good enough for me!

You know you’re sick and tired of internating when…

This will be freakin hilarious is it works out in any way, shape or form – in which case I’ll have to insist she change her name to the Seattle Pimpess. Pimpette? Pimpito? We’ll work on the name.


One thought on “I’ve Got a Pimp!

  1. Internating is my new favorite word. I share it with all my internating prospects and encourage them to use the new-and-improved vocabulary instead of saying “I’m going out with some girl from OKC.” Saves so much time! Winning!

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