Ok, So I Did Get A Few Responses

…before my ad was removed.

One response said my ad was too long and he couldn’t read it all the way through. Besides, if he answered all those questions, what would we talk about on a first date? – Um, obviously not the last book you read.

Another response just said, “marketing?”. I guess he thought it was a phishing scam or something so I just replied with, “No?” lol who wants to bet whether or not I’ll hear back from him?

Another guy said he figured out my full name (Damn you Google! Damn you to Hades!) but that he wasn’t stalking me. Rather than creepy it just came across as funny-ish. Hopefully the nice anonymous (presumably) man from Craigslist was telling the truth.

And last one to mention asked if there would be essay based questions as well. lol Well no, not this time anyways ūüėČ

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