The Shower Gods

So, I was showering this morning, as I am wont to do every so often, and a thought struck me: When I rinse my loofah it’s kind of like I’m offering it up to the shower nozzle as some sort of sacrifice.


“Oh great and wise Shower Gods, please cleanse my loofah. Please?”

Most of the time the Shower Gods are appeased and take pity on me and rinse my loofah. But sometimes the water mysteriously stops for a minute like the Shower Gods are pissed and withholding their showery goodness. Fuckers. Course, the water starts up again a minute later when the person cleaning stalls in the barn below me finishes filling the horse’s water bucket ūüėČ

Ahh the trials and tribulations of living at a barn. And I love every second of it.

PS. Posts will continue to be sparse for the month of November as it is NANOWRIMO!!! And I’ma gonna do it! Even though we are five days in and I’ve only written 800 words, leaving me approximately 7533 words deficient at the moment. Too bad I can’t count this blog post… It wouldn’t really fit into a novel that starts off with a waitress killing a dude in a parking lot and feeding his body to her pet alligator, Larry.

Brought to you by the inner workings of Megan’s crazy mind. Please don’t have her committed.

One thought on “The Shower Gods

  1. I like the thought of a waitress killing people for any reason. They never suspect a woman serial killer. Never! Please have her kill one of those preachers who only tithes her lord 10% so balks at tipping a waitress 15%. An Applebee’s waitress gone mad…i like it! Run with it and your loofa!

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