Hanky Panky Hair Toy

A lot of the time (ok, most of the time… ALRIGHT all the time) I get my inspiration for blog posts, story ideas, etc. from weird places. It isn’t often that I share an idea and not have someone respond with something along the lines of “how the hell did you come up with that?”. But I have never, I repeat, never looked at a sex toy and thought “hey, I’d like to put that in my hair!”.


Tell me, what does that look like to you? Take your time. Really think about it (although you probably won’t need to).


Look! It even comes with it’s own protective glove. Wouldn’t want your hands sullied, no matter what you end up using this product for…


I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, the product creation department is made up entirely of the most boring, vanilla people ever who didn’t realize what they were doing and/or the marketing team is hoping to diversify the company’s product offering and open up (ha ha) a whole new demographic.

5 thoughts on “Hanky Panky Hair Toy

  1. did you forget I read your blog? What does that look like to you? Looks like prayer beads to me, although I have only seen them once.

    • HAHAHAHAHA nope, didn’t forget! Thought you’d enjoy the post 😉 Watch the video Monica posted, you’ll love it 😀

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