I was cruising a website I just found and stumbled across this article (among others): Adventures in Cooking With Semen. Naturally, I had to read it.

Then, of course, I had to make sure this book existed. It does! Because, apparently, “Despite all of these positive qualities, semen remains neglected as a food.”

The best part? The reviews!!!!

“I learned this lesson the hard way – my used copy arrived all tattered and torn and many of the pages were stuck together. My grandma still loved the gift, but she complains that some of the recipes are too salty for her.”

“I had to visit 4 separate local homeless shelters to obtain enough ingredients to make Thanksgiving dinner, but it was well worth it. Grandma said the mashed potatoes were the creamiest she ever had.”

“This cookbook changed my life. I never used to cook. Now I find myself whipping something up almost every day (sometimes two or three times a day). Plus it’s so easy. Just this morning I made a bundt cake!”

“With this cookbook my life has changed! Now my milkshakes bring ALL kinds of boys to the yard!”

Then I went to the author’s website. I just… I can’t… how is this real?! Semen Cocktails @ Huff Post

So, you know, next time you’re stranded on a deserted island with a dude, you’ve got a source of protein (before resorting to cannibalism, that is). Hurrah!

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