Soooo… This Happened

This seems legit.

Dude: Really pretty

Me: Thanks 🙂 So what exactly is the appeal of being a sugar daddy? I’m really curious…

Dude: Just a turn on for some reason. Interested?

Me: I feel like my dignity would be at risk. But since there’s not a helluva lot of it to risk… Possibly.

Dude: Ok. Well I have a gf. I’m allowed a girl on the side. She’s given me permission due to our situation. That ok?

Me: Wow. That’s nontraditional. Why the detour from the norm?

Dude: We work opposite shifts. But we make max money. She’s ok with sex once a week but knows I’m not

Me: Hmm. What shifts do you work?

Dude: Not important. I work days. So you got fb? Wanna make sure you don’t know her

Me: Ya I do. Send me yours and I’ll check it out. Also gives me a chance to stalk your pics 😉

Dude: No. Cuz if you know her she doesn’t wanna know who what where or anything. What’s yours? Ill give you my cell if you dont

Me: As fairytale princess romantic as this sounds, I believe I’ll pass. Good luck finding your sugar daughter.

Dude: lol why?

Me: Just ain’t my bag, baby 😉

Dude: too bad cuz i have significant funds

I need to go get a cat.

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