This is How My Mind Works

I was peeing the other day, as I am wont to do. And I got to thinking about urine. Not the substance, but rather the word itself.


It sounds a lot like “you’re in”.

This naturally lead me to recollect my pun wars with my friend regarding coffee.

“Thanks a latte.”

“I can’t espresso enough how badly I needed to tell you that.”

“Let me percolate on that.” etc.

So then I jumped to the idea of using “urine” in a pun battle. To which, I immediately came up with “urine for a surprise” to get the battle started. A first volley, if you will.

Thankfully before I could post this online for all to see, it occurred to me that that sentence could be taken as some sort of barter offer, “I’ll give you urine in exchange for a surprise” as opposed to the way I was meaning, “you’re in for a surprise.”

Let me be clear here, I do not want to give anyone my urine. Not even a doctor. Although my doctor is the only one I conceivably would give my urine to.

Hopefully that clears that up.


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