I know what you’re thinking: Just one? WTF?

But it’s ok! Because he’s “Black_n_wellhung” What more could a girl need?

“But Megan, don’t you want a nice, quality guy? One who makes sure you have at least one orgasm before he rolls over and starts snoring?”

Well yes, ideally I do. But based on an in depth analysis of the subtext of his message, I believe he could be the elusive “one”. But don’t take my word for it, here, read it yourselves!

“Hey girl how are u , beautiful pics , im tall fun and friendly, dont forget sweet =) get back to me id love to get to know u”

Well hung and sweet? SIGN ME UP!

Word to the wise, or at least to the horny, if you’re going to attempt to (and here I use the term very loosely) “seduce” a gal online, you may not want to use an overtly sexualized user name so as not to belie the kind words in your messages.

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