The Real Reason People Want to Work From Home

It’s not about saving gas or sleeping in those extra 20 minutes that you would have otherwise spent getting ready. Hell, it’s not even about the absolute decadency of working in your beloved pajama pants. No, it’s about being able to indulge in Bailey’s and Lindt chocolate. Although, really, any liquor and chocolate combination will do. I was just happening to be feeling saucy at the time this photo was taken.  BTW if you’re one of the many women who have yet to experience an orgasm not of your own making, try the Lindt Creme Brulee chocolate bar and hold on to your hard hats!

Booze n chocolate

If you’re anything like me, and, for your sanity’s sake, I hope that you’re not (also because I like being limited edition) you may find that while working from home and valiantly trying to apply yourself to the task at hand, your mind wanders to other projects you’ve got on the go. Maybe you suddenly experience inspiration for a new blog post or plot point or whatever other people who aren’t me might be distracted by.

On the one hand I enjoy these distractions because it means I’m progressing with my blogging and/or whatever fiction project I’m working on when normally I procrastinate at Supreme Ruler of the Unicorns that Deal Non-Addicting Bacon-Cocaine level. Also known as Bacocaine, patent pending. It should be noted that proper pronunciation of Bacocaine is similar to “dynomite” in the following education video.

On the other hand, it means I’m not yet doing the work I’m being paid to do which means I’ll be sitting at my home computer longer than intended and instead of the self-imposed chains locking me to my desk magically opening at 3:30pm, they’ll stay locked for however long I spent composing this blog post… I mean…

I think the massive mug of straight Bailey’s is starting to kick in. Thankfully, all I’m doing today is Googling Like a Mofo – it’s in capitals because I created an actual category with that title in my employer’s CRM software. When the software asks how a lead was generated the options are Trade Show, Marketing Campaign, Googling Like a Mofo, etc.

To recap: Working from home = Baileys & chocolate + pajama pants +/- Googling like a Mofo.

Drinking plus working always equals Adult.

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