Future Career as a Gourmet Chef

As we grow up our tastes expand, our horizons are broadened, our palettes honed. We become discerning experts in what we like and what we don’t like. We try new things for the thrill of experience. We delight in delighting our senses; turning dining into a taste-filled tactile adventure for our tongues, a visually dynamic smorgasbord, a symphony of scents, and while food doesn’t typically make a sound, I like to think our ears get to join in via some sort of gastrointestinal-aural contact high.

With that in mind, I set out to the grocery store the other day to procure ingredients for a culinary masterpiece. Not that I had anything particular in mind but I figured eventually inspiration would strike. And strike it did! I would made a pasta medley with creamy four cheese sauce! Not the healthiest of choices, certainly, but high on the yum factor.

I gathered what I needed and headed for the check out.

“That’s quite the variety of Kraft Dinner you’ve got there,” the cashier said, scanning my three different boxes of KD.

“I’m a veritable connoisseur,” I sniffed, then proceeded to walk away with my head held high (after paying).

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