Social Experimentation

It’s that time again. I’m bored. So I’ve decided it’s time to do another social experiment, similar to that time I posted on Craigslist seeking a houseboy. We all remember how well that went. Clearly this is a brilliant idea.

I’m going to change my online profile to read as follows:

I make amazing homemade pizza, believe bacon goes with everything, and beer takes up 90% of the real estate in my fridge.

Let the demands for my hand in marriage commence! Remember, when bribing my sixteenth century father, I’m worth at least a cow and two goats. I’ll not settle for anything less.

I’ll post the results after the data has been collated. Stay tuned.



Would make an excellent war cry. In fact, I imagine it’d negate the need for war. Though some vegetarians might be sacrificed to the god of bacon.


One thought on “Social Experimentation

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