Holy crap it’s here. It’s time. This is happening.

Breathe, Megan. Just breathe.

You may not believe it, I know I hardly can, but today I am doing something momentous.

I. Am. Going. On. A. Vacation.

First time in six years.

My friend and I are roadtripping down to Napa Valley for the Bottlerock concert(s). We’ll be pausing in Oregon tonight because Voodoo Doughnuts. And then depending on how things go tomorrow, a quick stop in San Francisco before spending the night in Napa and then three days of amazing concerts, food and wine (*sigh* Heaven). After the concerts it’s back to San Francisco because I can’t go there and not see Alcatraz. Then we it’s an early start and back home to wrap up our epic adventures with the effervescent Ms. Bette Midler.


I’ll be doing some posts here about our adventures and have been asked to submit some to my new favorite people, the Voyage Vixens. Watch for our hashtag…