Bette Midler, My Hero

Recently, my friend and I were excited to go see the amazing, wonderful, effervescent, melodious Bette Midler in concert. Why, you might ask, would two gals in their late twenties want to see Bette Midler in concert? Admittedly, we’re not her key demographic but we’re both of the firm, but pliable, opinion that every once in a while everyone deserves a good BM.

A Great BM

Unfortunately the incomparable Ms. Midler’s concert date fell on the last day of our road trip and we decided to hit a safari in Oregon instead… in our defense, we did see lions and tigers and bears and absolutely said “Oh my!” at several points during the drive through safari.

Lions and tigers and bears


So, thank you to Wildlife Safari in Oregon and sorry to Ms. Midler that we weren’t able to grace you with our presence. We know you missed us and it just wasn’t the same.

If you’re in the area and in the mood to see some some carnivores and feed some emus, stop by. I highly recommend it.